image: banner 'Core Values'


Our Core Values are the foundation of who we are. It’s the basis for how we conduct ourselves and hold ourselves accountable.

We can change what we do, how we do it, or where we’re going, but the Core Values are the essence of who we are—they're the fundamental element to our success.

Our Core Values:
  • Work Safe
  • Work Together
  • Treat All People with Respect
  • Take Care of Your Customers
  • Be a Good Steward
  • Keep It Simple
  • Tell the Truth
  • Never Quit
  • Always Do What Is Right
  • Remember, We Dig Ditches

With Core Values as a foundation, we’ve built a special culture at NPL – all of which is supported by our Code of Conduct, which calls us to honesty and integrity in all our dealings.

Each employee is a “caretaker” of our culture, as we’re committed and intensely focused on keeping the strong reputation we’ve built over the years.