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NPL’s professionals work closely with suppliers, actively participating in R&D activities in pursuit of increased safety, quality and productivity. NPL also maintains a presence at industry events to foster relationships with new suppliers, staying abreast of industry trends and emerging technologies.

In a recent example, NPL worked with a supplier to develop a new pipe-splitting technology for our customer. An innovative tool was utilized to reduce cost, expedite completion, and minimize the project’s impact on existing infrastructure and the public.

In another example, NPL used Internal Inspection Cameras to locate unmarked sewer laterals and gas lines, inspect the integrity of pipelines (e.g. rock impingement, fusions…) and lower repair costs.

And when it comes to Digital Technologies, NPL can be found working closely with several customers during development and implementation phases of field mobile computing – geared towards improving productivity and accuracy in project coordination, dispatching, mapping, and work order management.

NPL has also made a significant investment in Information Technology Systems. NPL’s locations are interconnected through a reliable web of data and voice networks. NPL’s Accounting and IS Departments work closely with our customers’ to provide streamlined systems and data integration.

NPL believes that embracing evolving technologies in a strategic, financially sound, and purposeful manner benefits both NPL and our customers.